Project Profile
Customer Data Integration / Data Processing
Overview: Our development teams understands and define customer data format, exchange protocols and code definitions, design and implement, test and deploy in production environment. They communicate with Customer, support, enhance, expand and modify application as per client’s need.
Contract Management Role: Understand the user requirements; design the flow, databases and application process, import contracts, process billing, generate invoices, electronic transmission of Invoices and receive billing from vendor process.
Distributor Automatic Invoice Processing: Role: Design the process for receiving distributor Invoices, create utilities to download files, create workflow for the invoice processing, understand file formats and interact with distributor teams.
to Ax2009 Upgrade with high customizations, Axapta 3.0 Upgrade to Dynamics Ax 2009, Ax 2012 Install, configure.
Role: Create development environment, upgrade code, compile and resolve the errors, modify and build objects, create new production environment, guide the team with code up-gradation, test and deployment.

Smart Client Application Overview:
Build an application that downloads data from Ax Server, processes the Exams on Application remotely offline and transfers data to Ax to integrate with Custom Electronic Health records. Customer Asset Management Overview:
Build custom asset management module in Dynamics Ax to create forms, reports and Process the asset management. Contract / Print Management Overview:
Design and build contract management module in Dynamics Ax, Print management with cost per page module.
Customer Catalog Management (Storefront), Vendor Data Integration Role:
Understand the Vendor data format, communication protocols, design of data flow, process definitions and build the module in Axapta that helps transport data to Customer Catalog Management Web application.
Personnel Management System:
Coding for Data Captured from Data Collection Terminals and Integrated System.
Company/Sales Dashboard
Design company dashboard with real time data from Dynamics Ax, Dynamics CRM, Sales, GP, Opportunities, Forecast, etc.
Sales Tax Integration: Integrate third party Sales Tax modules to calculate Taxes.
Distributor/Financial Auto Invoicing
Receive invoices from Distributor / Financial leasing companies and post invoices into Dynamics Ax based on Validations like PO, Price, Quantity, and Zip.

Team Profile
System Architect / Project Manager:
We are having over 20 years of IT experience with Application/Database Design, Process Management, ERP, Product Implementation, Systems Integration, Software Development, Database Management, Customer Relations Management and other parts of Software Cycle, Dynamics Ax on Morph, X++, Integrated Development Environment Design, Medical Health records application on Dynamics Ax and integrated tor Ledger, Billing and other statistical data.
We develop Interfaces between Axapta and Vendor Product Information Systems, Conversion routines and, Creating and Processing Batch Inputs using Web services. We are also well versed with Module programming, Logical Database design and X++ Coding.
We have deep knowledge of integrations between Dynamics Ax and various applications, Integrated products like UPS tracking, PDF generator, Microsoft Outlook, components of XML, Medical Insurance Billing, Data Transfer Applications, System integration and Product implementation in addition to Axapta 2.0 from 1999 to current date of Ax2012.
Microsoft ® Certified Technology specialist.
Microsoft ® Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist
Microsoft ® Business Solutions Certified Business Professional
Reports Designer:
We have six years of experience in application development and reports design and deployment with rich knowledge in SQL reporting, T-SQL, Dynamics Ax reporting.
We are building Company Dashboards, Sales dashboards and generating various reports for AR, AP and custom modules, and integrating Dynamics Ax to various applications like Dynamics CRM.
We are well versed with Ax DB structure to build reports for external portals and having extensive experience with SSRS, report designs, complex stored procedures, Axapta 3.0, 4.0, Ax2009, Ax2012.
Microsoft ® Certified Technology specialist
We are having reach experience of software development in application development along with Dynamics Ax Forms and reporting, SSRS, report designs, complex stored procedures, Axapta 3.0, 4.0, Ax2009, Ax2012.
Our team is with deep knowledge of .NET and Web services and integration of Dynamics Ax to various applications like Dynamics CRM.


  • Microsoft ® Certified Technology specialist.
  • Microsoft ® Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist.
  • Microsoft ® Business Solutions Certified Business Professional.
  • Microsoft ® Certified Technology specialist.