Application software (an application) is a set of one or more programs designed to permit the user to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities. Application software cannot run on its own but depends on the compatibility of system software.

The VB.NET Framework also provides programming interface for developing Windows applications, components, and controls. And such programming interface can be used with a variety of programming languages, including VB, C# and C++.

.NET provides a consistent, first-class development experience across the desktop, Windows Phone, and Windows Store. It offers a higher level of coding and productivity. .NET allows you to keep developing foundational Apps on the desktop and add exciting new experiences, all while using your existing skills and reusing code between devices. If you are looking to create more tailored, platform-appropriate experiences on any device, Visual Studio Industry Partners (VSIP) provide solutions that enables you re-using C# skills and code with non-Windows devices.

.NET Windows Forms: This was the first UI technology in the .NET Framework for building desktop applications. It is still a good fit for many business desktop applications. Windows Forms is easier to use and lighter weight than WPF for simple scenarios.

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  • Integration with the client OS.
  • Support for special Input / outputs devices.
  • More security.
  • Work with cross platform.
  • 3D or anything else computationally intensive (specific to each users).