Web development refers to building, creating, maintaining and enhancing websites. It includes aspects such as web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management. .NET framework is known for its effective interoperability and the impeccable model of deployment Asp.Net has been much beyond just a platform for the developers. It has transformed the ways of the development to be used with its reflective, object-oriented API and innovative capabilities. Our development capabilities take our clients to safe and trusted solutions to their problems.

We use the ASP.NET all frameworks as an alternative to ASP.NET Web Forms based on the complexity and size of the web application to be developed. Our capabilities include: ASP.NET Development, MVC Development.

Our professional developers have rich experience in developing Custom Web Applications and Software on ASP.net Ajax using ASP.Net Framework with C# development, VB.net development with SQL Server as back-end Database engine.

At the Om TechSoft, developers use Language-Integrated Query and other upcoming technologies for giving latest and lightweight development applications to their clients. We deliver tailored cost-effective solutions to our clients. Om TechSoft team defines the best strategy for: Optimal custom solution development, Project risk minimization, and High solution maintainability considering actual business requirements of our clients.


  • The ability to access the application from any platform or device, and any place.
  • Multiple users can access the application and work together on a task or document.
  • Multi-browser compatible.
  • HTML based product descriptions.
  • Web applications can constantly evolve, allowing the developers to improve them day by day, fixing bugs (errors), adding functionality, reacting to user feedback and improving the application all the time.